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GAME Customers Receive Store Closure Letters

Despite a looming administration, GAME is going ahead with the store closures as announced back in February, with customers receiving letters discussing how pre-orders would be handled.

Dated the 14th of March, the letter details how on the 24th of this month, "your" local GAME outlet would be closing, with the total number expected to be around 35, increasing to 60 by the end of the year - if indeed the brand and line of retail outlets lasts that long. Recipients of the communique were also urged not to worry about any existing pre-orders, as those would be transferred to a different store.

Bit of a pain for anyone that might have to travel further to collect their reserved copy though. Eurogamer has a reprinted letter that informs the shopper that his/her pre-order had been transferred to a nearby Gamestation.

GAME has been receiving a lot of headlines recently due to its financial difficulties. The long standing retail outlet hired the Rothschild group in an attempt to find a buyer for the firm and there have been several potential companies eyeing up GAME's assets, but as yet no offer has been made. Some such as Gamestop are purportedly waiting for administration to begin before officially noting its interest, though Walmart could step in before then.

Either way, these 35 stores are likely the first of either many more, or all of them depending on the outcome of talks going on in the next week or so.

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