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Google Adds Another 500 International Hotspots To Flight Search

Google Flight Search has added another 500 international destinations to the tool, making it far more versatile - though you'll need to begin your journey from the US.

Input "London" for example, as your intended "From" location, and you'll be told that it is unavailable. However, begin your journey in San Francisco and you're given a whole host of options. Not only is London possible in the "To" location, but each of its respective airports. Clicking any of them offers up a wide variety of flight times and costs for the user to consider.

Announced yesterday on the InsideSearch blog, the additional destinations make Google Flights a much more comprehensive tool. It also offers something that many other travel sites don't: quick and easy answers. If you're wondering what it costs to fly from your local city to a destination far away, you put in the details and it tells you what the flight this afternoon would cost you. Try doing that through most big travel sites and you'll need to mess with hotel options and similar. While Google's option isn't flashy, it's effective.

Keen to improve, the search giant has said this is a just first step, with the company "working hard on expanding our global coverage and adding more routes in the future. Our goal is to make booking travel as fast and enjoyable as possible."

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