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Indian Courts Order Block Of 100+ MusicW

Indian courts have ordered every Internet Service Provider (ISP) to block over 100 music websites that the local copyright lobby group, the IMI, has designated as infringing copyright.

This is no Britain-like situation either, where there are four or five ISPs involved, but 371 - understandable considering the size of the population. They were leveraged in the Calcutta High Court to follow through with the IP and DNS blocking of each site, thanks to the lobbying of 142 different music companies.

Amazingly however, this isn't considered enough by copyright holders, with head of International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) Frances Moore, claiming that this is just the start of a lengthy campaign.

"The court ruled that blocking is a proportionate and effective way to tackle website piracy," he said, hoping that the Indian government would "build on this progress".

Of course whether the court and Mr Moore feel that blocking websites is effective is neither here nor there - it's clear already that it isn't. Similar to the NewzBin2 situation in the UK, where members were able to circumvent ISP blocking within hours, one of the big sites in the Indian blocking has done the same. has now come back with a new URL,, meaning the copyright representatives will have to pay more lawyer bills, get up early and dress appropriately for court, to do the take down request dance all over again.

In a surprising move however, one of the Indian music labels being represented at these hearings has claimed it doesn't want sites shut down - it just wants a licence fee paid. Head of Saregama, Apurv Nagpal, said: "There are legitimate businesses in operation too. The scope is there, and we want these sites to be legal."

Source: TorrentFreak

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