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Late News: Diablo III Releasing May 15, Sony PlayStation Store, SourceForge Removes Anonymous Operating System

Diablo III should have been released before Christmas 2011, or that was certainly the hope of many - and there was much wailing and gnashing of gamer's teeth, when the launch date was put back. Deep down, though, we all knew that the Xmas release target wasn't going to be met when a year ago, Blizzard started talking about "doing their best" to get the game out in 2011, but that it wouldn't be launched unless it was finished.

Sony has launched a version of its PlayStation Store for the Xperia S smartphone handset, expected to be available in the UK later this month. Looking to expand its mobile gaming stake beyond that of the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita, Sony's move marks the first time that the gaming orientated web shop has been available on a smartphone.

Open source repository Sourceforge has removed the controversial Anonymous Linux distribution from its site. The Anonymous OS has been hailed as a fake by several of the official-ish anon spokespersons and Twitter accounts, with the most quoted phrase claiming that the release was "wrapped in Trojans."

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple in courtrooms across the globe continues, with the latest episode played out in the Netherlands. Samsung was attempting to get the iPad and iPhone banned from sale in the country, but that bid has been an unsuccessful one. Samsung took aim at Apple with the usual patent infringement accusations, this time over 3G technology.

Despite a looming administration, GAME is going ahead with the store closures as announced back in February, with customers receiving letters discussing how pre-orders would be handled. Dated the 14th of March, the letter details how on the 24th of this month, "your" local GAME outlet would be closing.