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"New iPad" vs "iPad 3" vs "iPad 2" : Google Search Reveals Which Term Is Most Popular

The latest "insights for search" update from Google shows that there are still more search requests for the term "iPad 3" and "iPad 2" compared to Apple's chosen term to designate its newest tablet refresh, the "new iPad".

Since the launch of the device last week (you can check our coverage of the event minute by minute), the iPad 3 is still the preferred way of calling the follow up to the iPad 2 in the United Kingdom with three times more queries over the last seven days while the iPad 2 itself still attracts nearly twice the amount of search queries over the same period and "ipad 2012" pulling some significant search queries as well.

Globally, the trend is even more skewed towards the iPad 3 with 3.5 times more queries for the iPad 3. Oddly enough, only in Hong Kong and Taiwan does the search for "new iPad" outweighs that of the "iPad 3". A third of those looking for the new iPad type in the exact query search "the new iPad" and more people look for the iPad 4 than for the iPad HD.

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