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PC Shipments To Grow Almost 5 Per Cent n 2012

A forecast by technology research firm Gartner has suggested PC shipments could grow by as much as 4.4 per cent in 2012, partly thanks to the release of Windows 8.

This is counter to what we've seen from the PC market in recent years, with the growth of mobile computing and tablets seeing many of the stalwart computer related functions like online banking and shopping moving to smartphones and their larger touch screen cousins. Shortages of certain hardware due to acts of God like the Thailand floods haven't helped much either.

However, that looks set to change this year. Hexus is reporting that the growth of Ultrabooks as a new PC medium and those deciding it's time to upgrade their desktop for a new Windows 8 spec'd machine, will help grow the market in 2012.

Apparently it all comes down to excitement. In the same way that iPad fanboys were driven into a frothing frenzy by the release of a new tablet with a fancy display upgrade, PC users will need to feel amazed by next-generation Ultrabooks and desktops if there is to be a resurgence in PC usage.

"Emerging markets are key to driving worldwide PC growth in both the short and long-term, and our expectation is that 2012 and then 2013 onwards will be supported by growth in emerging markets as their share increases from just over 50 percent in 2011 to nearly 70 percent in 2016," said research director at Gartner, Mr. Atwal. "Emerging markets have very low PC penetration and even with the availability of other devices we still expect a steady uptake of PCs."

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