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Protect your online identity with DirectPass

Most of us live our lives online these days, and that includes all kinds of ecommerce activity from buying a new Blu-ray to checking how healthy (or unhealthy) our bank account is. But despite the obvious convenience that online financial transactions offer, there's always that underlying fear of someone stealing your details and going on a spending spree.

In an effort to avoid the scenario above we're encouraged to create ever more complex passwords, and to employ different passwords for each service or website. That's good advice, but the problem is that it's all too easy to forget which password is associated with which site, leading to a lot of time wasting and frustration.

DirectPass from Trend Micro aims to keep your identity secure, while also making your life easier by remembering all your login and password details. DirectPass can manage all your passwords and login IDs and seamlessly login to websites without the need for entering any user data. Of course all your passwords and login details are kept safe - far safer than all those post-it notes you have dotted around with passwords on them anyway!

As well as storing all your password and login details, DirectPass also provides a secure browser specifically for accessing bank and financial transaction websites. On top of that, it also protects against key-logging malware, even if you weren't aware it was there.

DirectPass will also synchronise all your password and login details across multiple devices, so it won't matter if you're using your PC, your tablet or your smartphone - logging into any site will be simple and secure.

DirectPass is available for PC, iPhone, iPad and Android, although a Mac version is conspicuous by its absence. You can download a free version of DirectPass, but it's limited to only five websites. The full version requires an annual subscription of £9.95, which doesn't seem too bad for something that makes your online transactions both safer and easier.

Download DirectPass for Windows

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