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Samsung Working On A Digital Android Camera

According to the hottest news from Android enthusiasts, Samsung's research teams are looking into developing a digital camera - powered by Google's operating system.

Zach Honig, from Engadget, made the best out of his recent visit to Samsungs' headquarters and used the opportunity to chat with the research and development teams.

He managed to find out that the South Korean tech giant is looking into releasing a digital camera, based on a customised version of Android.

Considering previous collaborations between Google and Samsung, the rumour is not too farfetched, although Samsung hasn't officially confirmed it yet.

If we are going to see such a device on the market soon, the implication are significant. Third party developers would jump at the opportunity to release apps dedicated to the new cameras.

"We could see Twitter and Facebook apps that let you not only publish your photos directly with a familiar interface, but also see photos shared by your friends. A capacitive touchscreen would let you type in comments directly as well," predicts Zach Honig, enthusiastically.

In addition, many accessory makers could make the Android experience boost the user's creativity, with the new Samsung cameras.

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