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Sony Launches Playstation Store And PS Pocket On Xperia S

Sony has launched a version of its PlayStation Store for the Xperia S smartphone handset, expected to be available in the UK later this month.

Looking to expand its mobile gaming stake beyond that of the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita, Sony's move marks the first time that the gaming orientated web shop has been available on a smartphone.

According to 3G, all future Sony next-generation (NXT) smartphones will include PlayStation Certification, meaning they are all likely to have access to the PlayStation Store as well. With some of the recent talk about consoles slowly dying off in favour of more mobile platforms, this is a smart move by the firm - especially considering its reduced stake in handheld gaming compared with main rival Nintendo.

With access to the PlayStation Store, users of the Xperia S will be able to download full games designed with smartphones in mind, as well as patches and updates - potentially DLC as well.

On top of this, Sony has also launched PS Pocket on the device, enabling the download of classic PlayStation titles from the console's history.

With the Xperia S due to launch on 19th of March in the UK, the Playstation Store is expected to be available either on the same day or shortly after.

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