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The Spectator announces two century online archive

As you’re probably aware, The Spectator is a Tory-leaning magazine – owned by the same folks as the Telegraph, with a long history of publishing.

In fact it goes back nearly two centuries, with the publication first seeing the light of day back in 1828.

And that long and distinguished back catalogue of articles is about to make its way online, according to an article on The Next Web.

The new online archive is due to be opened up this spring, and will contain every article, no less, from the last two hundred years.

It’ll be free to access, to a limited extent. Punters will be able to browse around a few pieces with no charge, but should your curiosity be stoked further, then you’ll have to sign up and pay to keep nosing around the archive.

The digital edition of The Spectator now outstrips the printed publication in terms of sales. Much of the publishing world is looking towards the digital medium – witness the Encyclopaedia Britannica’s announcement that it’s discontinuing print volumes in favour of the web and apps.

Fraser Nelson, Editor of The Spectator, commented: “A new generation of readers are discovering The Spectator, and there have never been more ways to read us. One in ten subscribers never pick up the magazine, taking us on Kindle or the iPad.”

The publication is also due to refresh its iOS app, as well.