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ZTE conducts field test of 1.7Tbps data transmission

In the UK, the average broadband speed is around 6.5Mbps to 7.5Mbps, depending on which source you believe.

Our super-fast broadband roll-out is currently dealing with maximum speeds of 120Mbps (from Virgin Media), and we can but drool at the sort of connections available in South Korea.

Yet ZTE's latest successful field trial would leave even the most tech-hardened South Korean's jaw on the floor, given that it reached the almost unfathomable speed of 1.7Tbps.

The transmission sent data over eight channels across 1,750km of fibre optic cable, using WDM technology, which uses different wavelengths to increase the amount of data that can be squeezed down a single pipe.

ZTE boasted: "The demonstration utilized patented ZTE high-frequency technology to accomplish a 200Gb/s polarization multiplexing QPSK signal transmission at 50GHz through 1,750km of standard single model fiber optic cable."

"This resulted in a 25 per cent increase in spectrum efficiency and an increase in transmission efficiency. The experiment proves a seamless upgrade from a 100G transmission system to a 200G system is possible."

200G being 200Gbps per channel. This sort of technology is, of course, still some way off in the future; in the real world, operators are still moving from 40Gbps to 100Gbps today.

Source: Computerworld