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Android App Devs Blast Google For Late Payment

Google has come in for some harsh criticism from Android app developers, and that isn't surprising really, seeing as they haven't been paid the latest monthly instalment for the fruits of their programming labours.

As we reported earlier this week, complaints started flooding in from many European developers when their cut of Google Play (the new name for the Android Market) revenue didn't get paid on time at the end of the first week of March.

Over a hundred developers complained, although PC Advisor spotted that a Google employee has now posted a response to confirm that payments are now on the way.

Google stated: "We have worked to resolve this, and payouts were initiated on 15 March 2012. However, your bank may take up to three additional business days to register the payout in your account."

"We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced and appreciate your understanding."

Some have apparently now got the money through, but any Android devs who haven't should see their payments show up before Wednesday of next week, theoretically; but hopefully on Monday.

The thread in which Google made the above apologetic statement has seen plenty of hostile developers berating the company in terms of how difficult it is to get a response when hitches are encountered.

One dev, "MattyLion", offered a useful piece of advice for those still worried about where their cash is: "For those of you who haven't yet received payment it may be due to the amounts (Over £10k or €10k) and clearing process for your individual bank, HOWEVER you can find out from your bank if the amount is PENDING."

"I can do this straight from my online banking and the payment shows up as due for clearing on the 19th (Monday). If you don't have a 'display pending funds' on your online banking just give your bank a call and they'll be able to check this for you."

Whatever bugbear caused this will hopefully be fully sorted when it comes to April's payments.