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Apple New iPad CPU : Teardown Reveals More About A5X

A number of hardware websites have looked at closely at the high resolution iFixit teardown pictures to analyse the potential characteristics of the new Apple A5X which powers the New iPad Tablet.

The pictures show that the New iPad has two discrete LP-DDR2 DRAM "devices" from Elpida. This is a move away from the package-on-package stack used for the A5 SoC which would have reduced the number of parts needed and the real estate used.

The new A5X also comes with a metal heatspreader which helps to dissipate excess heat which may come from the extra two GPU (and bearing in mind that the RAM is no longer on the SoC.

Anandtech posits that Apple could have moved to a BGA (Ball Grid Array) package which also allows more IO balls paving the way for more complex chips.

The site also infers that Apple almost surely moved away from the old 45nm manufacturing process to leaner, smaller 28nm or 32nm process, something UBMTechinsights has already confirmed.

The higher Retina display screen means that Apple has had to double the GPU performance by using an Imagination Technology PowerVR SGX543MP4 graphics subsystem, the same as the PS Vita.

Source : VR-Zone, Anandtech

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