Skip to main content Uses The New iPad Launch Event To Protest For Ethical iDevices

Among many Apple fans who gathered in front of Apple Stores in ten countries on March 16, some people were not that happy with the company's ethics.

Protesters from used the opportunity to remind everybody about the dubious working conditions from factories of Apple partners, and particularly at Foxconn. The activists, led by Seth Cottrell and Roger Mingo from brought large displays in front of Apple's Georgetown Store.

With the moral support from the 250,000 people who signed online petitions, the protesters asked Apple to "think different, think ethical." Ahead of the launch event, announced protests in front of Apple stores in New York, San Francisco and Washington. Their aim is to promote awareness of poor workers' conditions in Apple manufacturing plants.

A couple of months ago, the media revealed that our beloved iPhones and iPads require a heavy cost in human lives in Shenzhen-based facilities. Workers suffered injuries and even lost their lives from exhaustion. Following on from these occurences, Apple sent an investigator from the Fair Labour Association to check out the working conditions at Foxconn facilities and apparently has taken the first steps in order to resolve the situation.

Source: Washington Post

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