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Microsoft Showcases New IE10 Improvements With A Video

Microsoft has posted a new video on its Building Windows 8 blog demonstrating Internet Explorer 10's new security features and improvements.

The video, available below, showcases how Internet Explorer 10 has adapted to touch-based gestures and how every user can interact with the browser.

The latest version of Microsoft's browser was released two weeks ago alongside Consumer Preview and as Rob Mauceri, the group program manager for Internet Explorer says "IE10 is designed to make website interaction fast and fluid for touch as well as for heavy mouse and keyboard use."

Amongst these improvements on IE10 preview 5 are faster and more fluid behaviour, back and forward swipe navigation, zoom out/zoom in done by double-tapping (in addition to using the mouse and keyboard, CTRL+ scroll wheel), automatic domain suggestions, search charm with visual suggestions and support of URLs, images, snippets and many others for the share charm.

The browser also brings plug-in free support, jump lists for pinned sites, new design of tabs, a Clean-up command that closes all tabs except the current one and a device charm used for printing and other external actions.

IE10 was first introduced in September 2011 with the launch of Windows 8 Developer Preview and it's the only Metro-based browser available at the moment.

Competitors (Google and Mozilla) have started working on touch enhanced versions of their own browsers but details related to future features were not mentioned.