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Nuiverse App Simulates Universe Using Microsoft Surface 2.0

David Brown, an architect of Microsoft's Technology Centre in the UK, has demonstrated an intriguing application called NUIverse on the latest Microsoft Surface 2.0 technology using Samsung's SUR40 gigantic tablet.

NUIverse, a multitouch app still in development, can simulate large parts of the universe while letting users browse through every galaxy.

The software is capable of rendering up to 100 000 stars simultaneously while offering a smooth navigation experience. Gestures like pinch-to-zoom and rotation can be done with more than two fingers, with both hands and any other combination possible, through direct contact with the Surface's surface.

Transparent tags can also be used to simulate planets and compasses whenever the user navigates through the universe, measuring coordinates and distances between objects and also show information about the nearest object around.

These tags can be moved around the table with ease and be orientated towards the viewer. NUIverse can also display all orbits within a solar system and change planets just by holding a finger over one.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the application is the time feature, which lets the user preview what happens with objects across the universe once time passes. Time can also be accelerated by various multipliers, letting you see sunrises, sunsets and changing seasons.

Although NUIverse is not finished, it stands as evidence of the growing development interest for large-scale tablets and their wide use.

Source : DrDave