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The Implications Of The "Resolutionary" iPad For Web Developers

While the shiny new iPad with its impressive resolution might be a blessing for the users, unfortunately this comes at a cost.

Web developers, for instance, realise that users will see images from their websites with crystal clear clarity and these high quality pictures will require more bandwidth and longer page loads. The problem means that the web developers will need to take a flexible approach and try to detect the screen resolution of the devices and to adapt to the bandwidth available.

Rumours say that the future HTML will be more adaptive and support "responsive web design". A responsive website is made up of three categories: a flexible grid, flexible images and media, and media queries. However, even Apple has to take a cautious approach to adapting its official website for the new iPad owners. As Apple Insider noticed a few days ago, Apple is replacing the images gradually so at least the iPad section will be able to display high resolution images.

A few tips and tricks from Webmonkey suggest that web developers should "start embracing CSS 3, avoid images altogether with gradients, shadows and rounded corners in CSS 3, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for resolution independent graphics."

Source: Webmonkey

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