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Windows Phone 7.5 Tango To Be Unveiled in Beijing Next Week

Microsoft China has sent invitations to a number of press outlets for a Windows Phone event that is going to be held next week, reports LiveSide. The event is going to take place in Beijing next Wednesday, on March 21, where Microsoft is expected to officially launch Windows Phone 7.5 Tango.

Although the invitation doesn't actually contain the word Tango, it states that "the carefully designed, refined, and all-new Windows Phone 7.5 will be landing in China".

Tango has been confirmed by Microsoft's PR firm to be the codename of the future update and can already be previewed on the HTC Titan (known also as the Triumph), released yesterday in China.

The invitation also doesn't list any smartphones which means that Microsoft will probably present the main features about the update itself, rather than previewing it on a device.

Tango will be a refresh compared to its predecessor, Mango, which was a major upgrade. Tango is expected to enhance your handset with advanced MMS support, improved SIM management options, advanced roaming settings and location-related privacy alerts.

Support for low-end devices will also be overhauled with Tango, Microsoft allowing the update to run on older devices but under some conditions so as to optimise user experience.

It is yet unknown if China will receive the full-length version of Tango or if Microsoft choose to launch a customized, Chinese-friendly build on March 21st.

Nokia is expected to be a major partner for Microsoft as it prepares to take over the biggest market in the world. The Finnish company will present its new Lumia line-up during a conference set one week apart.

Source : Liveside