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Lenovo Rumored To Deploy First Windows 8 Tablet

Lenovo will be the first manufacturer to a tablet that is natively compatibke with Microsoft's upcoming operating system, according to TheVerge. Considering that Dell is keen to launch a tablet in the exact day when Windows 8 officially launches, Lenovo will probably be in front with only a couple of hours (ed : best bet is to launch in New Zealand).

The site states that the Chinese-based company believes Windows 8 will arrive in October this year. No details about the upcoming tablet have emerged other than the fact that it will use a processor built by Intel, possibly Ivy Bridge based.

Lenovo presented a prototype at CES 2012 in Las Vegas called the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga. It had a large 13.3-inch touchscreen display and a folding QWERTY keyboard which can be used as screen protection when traveling. Anandtech reported that it was a mere 18mm thick, had an eight hour battery life, a large touchpad, a chiclet keyboard.

Other manufacturers like Nokia, HP, Dell, Acer and Asus have also confirmed that they are working a Windows 8 compatible tablet.

According to Microsoft's own requirements, a device can be called a Windows 8 tablet as long as it bears the recommended system requirements (pretty much the same as Windows 7), supports five touch points, specific hardware buttons, a resolution higher than 1,366 by768 pixels with 32-bit colour depth with a number of sensors.

Source : The Verge, Anandtech