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AM News: 2013 Launch for Xbox 720, Google's Siri Rival, Lenovo Bringing Out First Windows 8 Tablet?

Microsoft will launch the next version of the Xbox, commonly known as the Xbox 720, in 2013 at the earliest reports Bloomberg who cites two people close to Microsoft' plans. The news outlet recoks that the console may be showcased in June 2013 at the E3 conference and offered on sale later in the year, possibly in time for the Holidays season.

After announcing a design overhaul to Pinterest's profile pages, CEO Ben Silbermann has stayed true to his word - and didn't disappoint. It's always exciting when a website informs you of 'upcoming changes' - will it vary greatly from its original design? What exciting features can we look forward to? Will it encourage me to use the site more often, or will I be put off using the site forever?

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone Marketplace will be available in 23 new countries over the next 30 days in order to attract more users. The included countries are Bahrain, Venezuela, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Thailand, Estonia, Iceland, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia , Turkey, UAE and Vietnam.

Lenovo will be the first manufacturer to a tablet that is natively compatibke with Microsoft's upcoming operating system, according to TheVerge. Considering that Dell is keen to launch a tablet in the exact day when Windows 8 officially launches, Lenovo will probably be in front with only a couple of hours (ed : best bet is to launch in New Zealand).

A while ago, after the tech world was still in love with Siri, we heard rumours that Google is working to challenge Apple's digital assistant with the voice-powered Majel. Now, the rumours have been cooled off a bit and apparently, Google officials have dropped the Star Trek inspired name. Despite all the secrecy on the matter, the project is still in the works and will soon take off.