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GiffGaff Outage Now Fully Resolved

GiffGaff has now fully resolved the problems which hit the Mobile Virtual Network Operator last Friday.

In case you missed this, a burst water pipe caused a power failure and an outage which took around eight hours to rectify on Friday.

However, problems persisted throughout the weekend with a slower than normal service, as we reported on Saturday. The good news is that any remaining issues were sorted yesterday, so GiffGaff users shouldn't encounter any hitches going forward.

GiffGaff posted on its community noticeboard: "This issue is completely resolved - both the core cause and the lagging effects, i.e. affected port ins, slow activations."

"If you are experiencing any loss of service please check your APN settings are correct and perform a reboot. If the issue persists, raise a case with our agents who will investigate."

It hasn't been a good weekend for the MVNO, as a separate apparently unrelated issue regarding disappearing credit also cropped up on Saturday.

Further details on exactly what happened with the outage, and potential compensation for the two days of problematic service, are to be revealed soon.

GiffGaff noted: "We will be posting more about what happened at a later date when we fully understand the outage; cause, effect and how we will be making it up to our members."