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Google+ Users Can Now Use Profiles To Sign Up For YouTube

YouTube will be getting better integrated within the online marketplace, courtesy of an innovative Google+ feature.

Hands up if you have a Google+ account, but don't have a YouTube channel. Well you can put your hands down now, as Google+ users can now get their very own YouTube accounts just by using their existing Google+ profile name and photo - helping to make synchronisation between the two platforms, better than ever.

Videos watched on YouTube can now be shared via the Google+ network, and also within the Google+ Hangouts. This allows users to see which video their Google+ buds are watching through YouTube.

However, the Google+ YouTube affiliation function only works with users without a YouTube account; though for YouTubers with an account already in place, YouTube has a message for them: "stay tuned".

It's probably a good thing that the power of YouTube is being harnessed within the Google+ arena, as despite the Mountain View mogul claiming that Google+ is receiving a lot of positive feedback, the popularity of Google+ still leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully, by using one of the most active media facilities on the planet, the success of YouTube will be replicated onto Google+.

Source: WebProNews