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Indian Call Centre Staff Selling Off Britons’ Credit Card Details For 2p

The latest privacy and data related scandal involves unscrupulous Indian call centre staff flogging off the details of UK citizens - including credit cards - for as little as two pence.

An array of confidential data is for sale via corrupt call centre workers, according to an investigation conducted by the Sunday Times (as reported by the Daily Mail). Undercover reporters from the newspaper met with two so-called "consultants" who were IT workers at Indian call centres, who boasted about having a raft of information available on British people.

We're talking 45 sets of personal information on some 500,000 citizens. Medical and financial records were part of this ill-gotten data, with names, addresses and phone numbers, all of which could be used by spammers and bothersome marketers.

More worryingly, even credit card information was offered which could obviously be used by outright criminals to siphon money from bank balances.

The data, shown to the reporters on a laptop, was purported to be less than 72 hours old in the case of the card details, according to the corrupt "consultant".

He told the Sunday Times: "They would just have got the credit card and not only credit cards, that would be debit card as well."

He also said: "This is Barclays, this is Halifax, this is Lloyds TSB. We've been dealing so long we can tell the bank by just the card number."

A concerning development indeed, when you can potentially have your bank account plundered through no unwary visit to a phishing page or fault of your own. The government has been urged by MPs to investigate the matter.