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iPad For Kids : Arnova Child Pad Available For Preorder

The Arnova Child Pad tablet is now available on preorder from for £95 and is due for release on the 10th of April. The tablet, which Archos hopes will help it snatch a bigger share of the booming children tablet, comes with some pretty impressive configuration.

It has a single core 1GHz processor (possibly a Cortex-A8 based Rockchip RK model) 1GB RAM, 4GB onboard storage and a 7-inch ressitive dual touch display with a 800 by 480 pixels screen resolution, a microSD card slot, a microUSB port, a front facing camera up to eight hours video playback (twice that when listening to music), WiFi and Ice Cream Sandwich.

Early previews (like that handson from Engadget) show that the device isn't that bad with its plastic finish looking decent and easy enough to clean and the rubberised enclosure preventing it from slipping down all to often.

Archos also has an app store for children called "Kids App Store" which contains 10,000 apps categories in 14 sections and has bundled 28 games with the tablet.

The French company has not confirmed whether - like its two main competitors, the Innotab and the Leappad - it has taken any specific measures to improve the overall durability of the tablet.

Source : Engadget,

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