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NEC Working On Super Slimline Battery

Known as an Organic Radical Battery (ORB), NEC's ulra slim power pack can be printed on circuit boards as thin as 0.3mm.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing for battery powered credit cards flexible displays, super thin smartphones and more. Amazingly as well, the charge it can hold is quite impressive. According to The Register, just a 3cm square can deliver up to 3mAh, enough to update a small display over 2,000 times in just one charge. While that wouldn't be very good for video that has over 30 frames per second, still images that change every few minutes or hours would be more than possible.

NEC has apparently been working on this sort of technology for a while and not only because of its obvious applications. ORB technology also allows for the removal of many toxic metals used in the production of contemporary batteries.

The most common type used today is lithium-ion. While the technology behind it has improved vastly since its first inception - it was originally conceived and created in the 70s - perhaps a whole new line of battery technology is due.

Providing such a thin source of power with a high charge should also mean it is incredibly light. One of the big problems with electric vehicles is the weight added by all those batteries. Using something slimline like this could lead to much lighter and therefore more efficient transport as well.

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