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Panasonic Debuts Ultra Low Power Wireless Chipset

Panasonic has shown off a new chipset design that enables multi-gigabit wireless technology with the industry's lowest power consumption to date - just one watt.

This sort of high bandwidth wireless technology will allow for fast streaming of HD video to and from mobile devices without the use of cabling - something that has been a long time coming. Doing so with such a small energy footprint is the real icing on the cake as it means including this chipset into mobile devices like smartphones and tablets won't cause issues with battery life.

According to MarketWatch, this chip allows the sending of a 30 minute HD video clip in just under 10 seconds. It also makes it possible for a smartphone to broadcast HD video to a television set without any latency issues.

In terms of construction, the chipset is made up of a 60Ghz transceiver LSI and a baseband processing LSI with media access control packet processing ability. The latter portion of that spec is where a lot of the focus was placed when reducing the power consumption of the chip. By using a mix of general purpose processor and high speed control circuits, Panasonic was able to keep the clock speed low and therefore the wattage as well.

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