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Sainsbury’s Hooks Up With Good Technology For Mobile Device Management

Sainsbury's has announced a partnership with Good Technology, whereby the supermarket will be supplied with a mobile device management solution.

The supermarket chain has a workforce of 150,000 across the UK, almost two-thirds of whom own a smartphone - the idea being that with Good Technology's software, they can use their handsets for work-related tasks to increase productivity and efficiency.

Essentially, the software creates a secure sandbox on the employee's phone, so personal and corporate data can be kept completely separate, and productivity apps can be accessed. The Good for Enterprise platform works across all major mobile devices, including iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Windows.

The core software itself is hosted on a central server, and requires pin-code access from an employee's handset.

Andrew Jacques, General Manager of Good Technology UK, told "Good for Enterprise separates corporate information from personal information that sits on the device. Within that secure container there is an email client, calendar client and a secure browser for intranet access."

"In a typical store there is maybe one computer for the store manager to access corporate email. The solution allows store managers to stay on the shop floor and stay connected to headquarters by accessing their email on their personal device."

The platform can then potentially be expanded to deal with further issues such as stock control.

Rob Fraser, IT Director at Sainsbury's, enthused: "Access to the latest market data is a competitive differentiator in our space, and Good Technology provides us with the ability to reach and empower our colleagues in a secure way on their mobile device of choice. Meeting the diverse needs of our customers is no longer going to happen just from a remote office - it's going to increasingly happen using mobile devices. Good Technology will give us the edge for success."