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Should We Expect An LTE iPhone 5, After the New iPad?

After the new iPad hit the market with its impressive features, including support for 4G LTE technology, the fans' expectations are now higher than ever for the upcoming iPhone.

In the Android army of smartphones there are already high-end devices from Motorola and Samsung that offer such a purpose, and now it's time for Apple to show off its capabilities within this arena. According to analysts, what kept Apple from developing an LTE-enabled iPhone was the battery issue. Smartphones that come with support for this technology don't offer much time to their users to enjoy the high-end features. For Apple, the problem would have been even worse, considering the "battery gate" that plagued iOS users so far.

And this is where the new iPad can cast some light on the matter. Apparently, Apple was able to address the battery issues, considering that the third generation iPad features a high resolution display which push the graphics processing further and has two times more LED illuminating bars. Moreover, the new iPad features double the RAM of the previous Apple tablet. All these issues could drain battery life at a fast speed but it seems that the early adopters didn't complain about this. Consequently, if Apple had sorted out its battery problems, we could expect a new iPhone with LTE capabilities.

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