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The New iPad Gets A Section With Special Apps For Its Retina Display

Apple decided to greet the third generation iPad - that hit the market on Friday - with 28 apps that offer full support for the device's Retina Display.

These applications are the revamped version of the most popular iTunes items. The categories of the new apps are designed for the crisp view of the high-resolution new iPad, with a wide variety on offer.

More than a third of the apps are games, but there are also some in the News section. The keynote that announced the new iPad contained the info - it delivers a better text sharpness, than the printed newspaper, hence why the news apps have been revamped too.

The most expensive, but also the largest app available for the new iPad, is Barefoot Atlas and is filed in the Reference category. The app is an interactive 3D globe, meant to help children explore the various regions of the world.

This will take up 1.56GB, but comes with an impressive set of features, library of images and 3D effects - all in high definition.

On the other side of the price range, there are the free apps in the news category, including The Daily, NYTimes for iPad.

Game fanatics should know that the releases for the new iPad include such tiles, as Modern Compat 3: Fallen Nation, Order & Chaos Online, Real Racing 2 HD and many more.

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