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The New iPad Teardown Uncovers Huge Battery

Believe it or not, there are people who can't wait to get their hands on the latest iPad and just to tear it down, piece by piece. And no, we don't mean the fanatic rivals who can't stand Apple's success, we mean the most dedicated Apple fans from iFixit.

We now get to take a look at the new iPad's massive battery, the new processor and other vital parts. iFixit's popular MJ supervised and explained the well documented teardown of the third generation iPad.

At the first glimpse of the device, the new iPad weighs slightly more than the previous version. This is a first time for Apple, with its devices, instead of going down in terms of sizes and weight.

Looking inside the tablet, we find out exactly why. The thorough disassembly reveals a new battery, capable of powering the tablet's high-speed connectivity and the display, with its impressive resolution.

The large Li-ion battery makes up most of the new iPad's mass. Apple's redesigned battery has been ramped up to 42.5 Watt hours. By comparison, the second-generation iPad only had 25 Watt hours.

Apple is reported to have tested the battery life under serious stress and heavy usage, where users are encouraged to forget the concerns related to the battery life span - which plagued the release of the latest iPhone and iOS 5.1.

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