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Acer To Launch AcerCloud Service For Its Customers

Acer will roll out a personal cloud solution for its customers called AcerCloud that will allow Acer branded computers and other devices (tablets, laptops and smartphones) to share pictures, videos, music files and documents.

The free service will initially be available in the Greater China North America - where it was announced earlier this year at CES - in April before being rolled out to other markets in the last quarter of 2012.

The company said that AcerCloud would support Windows and Android initially with iOS devices coming in the pipeline (ed : nothing yet about Windows Phone though).

Acer also indicated that it expects up to 40 per cent of AcerCloud-compatible products to come with AcerCloud by the end of the year.

The service works even when the main computer is on standby or hibernating using Acer's Always Connect technology which allows for content to be stored and transferred safely via strong encryption and authentication.

Other rivals with cloud services offerings include Google, Apple, Microsoft, HP (in collaboration with and Asus amongst others.

Source : Digitimes

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