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AM News: Dell Windows 8 Tablet Plans, Samsung Galaxy S3 Coming on May 22 in London?, EA Closes Games' Servers

Dell is returning to the world of tablets, but not on the Android side of the fence just yet. Dell's next challenger to the dominant iPad will be a range of Windows 8 slates. While the company hasn't ruled out Android, it's the Windows 8 potential which the firm is currently focusing on. Dell's chief commercial officer Steve Felice was talking to Reuters at the weekend, and expanding on the company's plans to challenge the iPad - with a focus on the enterprise environment.

A picture of what looks like a slide from a corporate presentation was leaked showing the Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S III as Samsung would put it), the followup to the Samsung Galaxy S2. The slide, which appears to come from Weber Shandwick Worldwide, the PR agency in charge of the Samsung account globally, shows a redesigned Samsung Galaxy S3 handset with a white facia but a black bezel that's extremely thin on the sides.

EA Games has angered fans of several of its more niche or older titles by announcing that it would be closing the games' servers - meaning even those that bought an extra online pass can't play online. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a controversial subject depending on who you talk to, but the industry as a whole does seem to be turning its nose up at the time honoured tradition of doing nothing to thwart pirates while inconveniencing paying customers.

Known as an Organic Radical Battery (ORB), NEC's ulra slim power pack can be printed on circuit boards as thin as 0.3mm. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing for battery powered credit cards flexible displays, super thin smartphones and more. Amazingly as well, the charge it can hold is quite impressive.

Publishing giant Blizzard would love to get its flagship MMO, World of Warcraft, onto a mobile device like the iPhone - it just hasn't quite figured how yet. With some people claiming that consoles are on the way out and that mobile is the new dominant gaming platform, it's understandable that the world's most successful subscription based MMO should have some mobile love too. At the moment though you can only look at character sheets and access the auction house.