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Facebook Friends Can Now Share Dropbox Folders

Yesterday morning saw Web-based file sharing service, Dropbox, officially announce its integration with Facebook. Posting the good news on Twitter, users can now share their Dropbox folders with fellow Facebook friends.

The idea behind this affiliation is to allow Facebook users with a Dropbox account to send files and folders to others in one seamless method - and thanks to Facebook's newly integrated platform, Dropbox files can be shared in an instant.

All users simply need to do to take advantage of this feature is to visit the Dropbox Share page and sign in using your Facebook account. Select the folder you wish to share, but instead of typing their full email or Dropbox handle, type the name of your Facebook friend and it will automatically flash up.

With more and more people recognising the benefits of a cloud-based solution, despite Dropbox's popularity, the company will need to source out new ideas to keep it relevant to their intended audience. If Dropbox is looking to maintain its standing with the younger generation, perhaps the creation of social networking add-ons appropriate for their clientbase will keep them in the game.

Source: VentureBeat