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Google Doodles Spring Equinox, Farewell Winter

Google has sketched up another doodle, the second in three days following the Mother's Day doodle on Sunday.

This one marks the spring equinox, the day when the seasons shift and winter officially becomes spring in the northern hemisphere. In slightly more technical terms, it's the day when the sun's axis is aligned directly over the equator, meaning that night and day are of pretty much equal length.

That only happens on two days of the year, the other being the autumn equinox, of course, as we move back towards longer nights.

Google's doodle is based on a design by Marimekko, a Finnish fabrics and fashion company, simply entitled the "First Day of Spring".

It features some colourful looking fabric-fashioned objects, animals and the like. Spring-themed items such as flowers and butterflies make up the letters of the Google logo, along with a lorry, for some reason (don't ask us).

Don't forget that the days are going to get lighter still as we hit this weekend, with the clocks due to go forward on Saturday.

In the health industry, many regard the equinox as also being a time to detox - spring clean the body, as well as the home. Although if all that sounds like far too much effort, at least go out and get a breath of fresh spring air (location pending - if you live in London, go out and get a slice of not-so-fresh spring smog, instead).