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HTC Triumph Lacks Local Services Promised by Microsoft

The HTC Triumph has just been unveiled in China as HTC's first flagship smartphone that comes with Windows Phone 7.5 Tango pre-loaded.

Known in the US as the HTC Titan, this model should have been a customised Chinese model that integrates local services, but as a Chinese website, WPDang, claims, no modifications were made to the operating system.

Integration with Sina Weibo and other Chinese based social websites is completely missing, while Facebook and Twitter are unsupported because both of them are blocked in China. Other online services which have also been excluded include LinkedIn which is not officially blocked.

Xbox Live is another service hidden in the Chinese Tango handset and automatically redirects the user to the games category in the Windows Phone Marketplace. This can be fixed by logging with a Windows Live ID from outside China or even Hong Kong.

The operating system does indeed come with other Chinese based applications like Youku and Tudou, most of them having to be manually installed.

It is yet uncertain if this version of the OS will be a lighter Tango model for Chinese use only, or if Microsoft will choose to launch the same on March 21st, in Beijing.

A hint of the first can be seen in the OS build number; HTC Triumph is labelled as version 7.10.8765 while a leaked build came two days ago tagged as v7.10.8773.

Source: TheNextWeb, WPDang