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Huawei Moves Forward With Beyond LTE 30Gbps Technology

Huawei has just announced the introduction of Beyond LTE technology which hugely boosts the speed of its super-fast mobile broadband.

Compared to existing commercial LTE networks, Beyond LTE offers a speed increase of a factor of 20, with increased peak rates up to 30Gbps.

David Wang, president of Huawei's Wireless Network Business Unit, commented: "Mobile networks are developing at an unprecedented rate. Future technologies will bring revolutionary advances in network evolution - higher spectrum efficiency, wider spectrum aggregation, and faster access rates. Our Beyond LTE technology signifies the future of mobile broadband."

The Beyond LTE tech achieves its considerable speed boost via breakthroughs in antenna structure, intermediate frequency algorithms, radio frequency architecture and multi-user MIMO (multi-input multi-output).

In other words, the entire mobile network infrastructure is improved from construction and antenna through to improved and more efficient spectrum utilization. Huawei also notes that next-gen direct radio frequency technology will be key in reducing costs and power consumption, to make for a more efficient system all round.

Furthermore, Huawei cited a report from the 3rd Generation Partnership Project which showed that the company has had 265 LTE/LTE-A Core specs approved in the past two years. That's an industry leading figure, representing 20% of the total number of approvals, a pretty impressive chunk of the market.