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Intel Releases 32nm Atom CE5300 "Berryville" Media Processor

Intel has unveiled a new system on chip at the IPTV World Forum in London, one called the Atom CE5300 formerly known as Berryville.

The chip firm described it as "the brains in a set-top box that seamlessly combines the Internet with TV" and added that "Intel and service providers are all working to bring you an easy-to-use interface, 3D graphics capabilities, improved search, and of course, downloadable apps and games for your various digital TVs".

This alludes to the rumours, earlier this month about Intel's launching a new Web-based TV service with this new chip being the first building block.

Intel also promises a great new 3D user interface and graphics level graphics for gaming and hints at new services offered by (internet) service providers including home automation, gaming, home security and IT/Help desk with residential and video gateways being the next step.

The SoC is built on a 32nm node and comes with a dual Intel Atom core with support for Hyperthreading, virtualisation, 3D/2D graphics engine, integrated power management and H264.B picture hardware encoder.

The CE5300 is the first dual core CE processor from Intel; the CE41xx series was launched back in September 2009 and powered the Google TV and the Boxee STB. Intel's other 32nm Atom processor, Cedarview, does not support virtualisation or SSE4 and has a clock speed between 1.87Ghz and 2.13GHz.

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