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Jolicloud Me Delivers Personal Cloud Management System

Jolicloud is a name you'll doubtless be familiar with, as the company has had quite a few cloud-based projects on the go in the past.

There's the Jolicloud desktop, a personal cloud desktop, and the Joli OS, an operating system built around it. Not forgetting the Jolibook, the netbook which ran that OS, but didn't make any real headway (Google's Chromebooks really didn't help here).

Jolicloud isn't a company that gives up easily, though, and it's marching forward with the release of another very interesting project entitled Jolicloud Me. What's the angle with this one? A personal cloud storage system which can hoover up and organise diverse elements of your online life, making them easily searchable and accessible wherever you happen to be.

It's essentially a storage locker for everything you put up on the web, across all platforms. So for example you can point Jolicloud Me at your various social network accounts, and it will automatically search through and pull together all your media, photos and videos, making them easily accessible from one single point of entry.

Tariq Krim, CEO and founder of Jolicloud, was quoted by as stating: "Our personal cloud is all the content that we publish, like or receive on all the services that we use every day. More people realize now that it's not just data; it's important pieces of our lives. Until Jolicloud Me there was no easy way to access, search and share them again."

"After listening to our users, we discovered that their biggest frustration was the feeling they are losing their lives on multiple competitive services. With Jolicloud Me we want to give them their lives back."

It's certainly a clever idea, with Jolicloud Me being available via a web browser, iPhone and Android devices.