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Late News: Zynga May Partner with Xbox, Facebook Cloaking Flaw, Google Doodles Spring Equinox

Boss of Facebook game developer Mark Pincus, has hinted that his company might be entering a partnership with Microsoft to see some of the more popular titles appear on the Xbox platform. The rumour surfaced after Mr Pincus did an interview with Giga Om, discussing the future of Zynga and its games.

Research undertaken by University College London student Shah Mahmood and Chair of Information Communication Technology Yvo Desmedt has uncovered a "zero day privacy loophole" in Facebook. Named by the duo as "Deactivated Friend Attack", the revelation was announced at yesterday's IEEE International Workshop on Security and Social Networking SESOC 2012, held at Lugano, Switzerland.

The head of Twitter UK, Tony Wang, has a strong belief that the way broadcasters engage with their audiences could soon be undergoing a much-needed transformation. "Social TV is based on a fundamental human instinct - to share the experience," said Wang.

Social media travel site Tripbirds was officially launched in public beta mode today, allowing users to search out their friends' social networking activity according to destination as well as organise trips based on referrals made by friends. The site works not by word-of-mouth, but by sorting through existing geotagged content from users with Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram profiles, stated The Next Web.

Google has sketched up another doodle, the second in three days following the Mother's Day doodle on Sunday. This one marks the spring equinox, the day when the seasons shift and winter officially becomes spring in the northern hemisphere. In slightly more technical terms, it's the day when the sun's axis is aligned directly over the equator, meaning that night and day are of pretty much equal length.