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Microsoft OneNote 15 Brings Touch Mode, New Look & Improvements

Shortly after Office 15 beta was leaked, Paul Thurrott from Windows IT Pro magazine has dissected Microsoft's forthcoming OneNote 15 and extracted some of its best improvements. This is the latest iteration which will be launched alongside Windows 8.

WinSuperSite reports that OneNote 15 will come with a new user interface, making the software stand out from the rest of the applications that make up Office 15. "This effect reminds me of the new Server Manager in Windows Server 8 Beta, which overcame the previous milestone's flat expanse of unending whiteness by throwing in a bit of colour", said Thurrott.

OneNote 15 is already optimised to tablets as it opens in full-screen mode by default and the Ribbon is automatically minimised. A touch-mode is also present, like in any other Office 15 application, making on-screen elements as page tabs become larger and easier for the user to press.

Resume Reading is another interesting new feature. It allows users to apply a bookmark to a document and then return reading right from that point.

As for the syncing process between a local computer and the web, using SkyDrive or SharePoint, it has now become faster and developers can set the cloud as the first storage option by default.

OneNote 15 has yet to add locking options to a page or a notebook, while headers seem to be the same as in Microsoft Word but they still lack their functionalities. The version reviewed by Paul Thurrott has been made accessible to a couple of Microsoft employees and it is not the final build.

Source: WinSuperSite