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Microsoft Twins With Right To Play Charity

Microsoft has partnered with international children's charity Right to Play, in a deal that will see monetary donations as well as console hardware and games being sent to some of the most impoverished places in the world.

Discussing the move, Microsoft's head of UK retail sales and marketing Jonathan Grimes said: "Both organisations believe that active play through sport and technology can achieve a positive, inclusive and sustainable future for children. Microsoft is also deeply committed to improving lives and addressing difficult societal issues through technology, so we look forward to assisting Right To Play with their incredibly worthwhile work over the coming months."

Microsoft and its founder Bill Gates have been well known for their charitable inputs over the years, with once the world's richest man having given away over $28 billion in the past few decades.

The CEO of Right to Play has also been front and centre discussing the move, saying that thanks to inputs like that of Microsoft, the charity could continue to improve the lives of children as well as spreading the message that play was incredibly important for their development.

"Our programmes teach children important lessons through play about how to protect themselves from disease, how to resolve conflicts peacefully, how to be more tolerant. A simple game of tag is an opportunity to teach children that malaria is passed from person to person through mosquitoes. That Microsoft shares our belief in the value of play makes this partnership a perfect match."

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