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Over 30 Per Cent No Longer Watch Live TV

In a survey by My Voucher Codes, 30 per cent of those polled said they no longer watch any live TV, preferring instead to catch up on their favourite programmes at a later date.

Granted this survey only quizzed 2,000 people, but that's likely to be enough to get a rough idea of those that use on demand services like iPlayer, 4oD and others - if you don't consider those that answer surveys a demographic in themselves.

A much smaller contingent of quizees however answered that they didn't have a television. When asked why not, they responded that there was little point since you could watch everything online anyway. Of those that did have a TV, 36 per cent responded that they didn't watch it live - half of them citing 'not enough time' as the reason why.

Most people that used catch up services did so at the weekend, with a large portion of those saying that they used services like ITV player, iPlayer and similar to do so. However there was also a sizeable portion that used Sky+ and Virgin Media V+ in order to keep up to date with their favourite shows. A much smaller portion - just three per cent - said they used DVD box sets, highlighting how far the media has fallen in the weekly watching habits of consumers.

Source: The Telegraph