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Overheating Issues for the New iPad?

We've all expected the third generation iPad to be a hot device, but apparently sometimes it's too hot to handle. And we don't mean in a good way, but as a warning. After only a couple of days of intense testing, some users noticed that the new iPad has overheating issues. Suddenly, the device displays a temperature warning on a completely black screen and the text "the iPad needs to cool down," appears.

The users who debate over the problem on the dedicated forum complain that they did not experience the overheating issue on earlier versions of iPad. "I just got done playing about 10 minutes of Real Racing 2, and it is scorching Hot!!! Thank god I have a case, but when I slide my had into the case to feel the back, it its Hot Hot Hot!," complains a heavy gamer. Techpp reports that somebody even got their new iPad cracked, could that be caused by overheating issues?

Another user explains that it "got hot enough that I measured with infrared thermometer and it was 117 degree F (about 47 0 C ) after 10 minutes." Not all the users experienced the same difficulty but apparently, we can't show off the shiny new iPad on a sunny day at the beach.

Radu has been working as a freelance writer for more than five years and has been blogging around since 2004. He is interested in anything Apple as well as gaming and mobile applications.