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Pinboarder Brings Pinterest Closer To Windows Phone Users

Windows Phone users that are also Pinterested can now make use of a new application, called Pinboarder, which hails itself as "the best way to browse and use Pinterest on your Windows Phone".

Pinboarder comes with the ability to browse profiles and boards, add new pins from inside pictures or the camera, comment, like, and perhaps more importantly, repin other's pins.

The application also allows sharing all these pins on other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even by email.

The UI is simple to use and comes with a classic red menu, Windows Phone-like action buttons and also an easy way to navigate through the board.

Pinterest has gone through a major redesign a few days ago, when the site received a much cleaner and streamlined design, with tabs for displaying who is following you and interesting statistics, somewhat similar to Facebook's Timeline.

Launched on March 15th, the application occupies 1MB of storage and requires Windows Phone 7.5 Mango or higher. Unfortunately, it's available only in English and costs $1.29 (that's around 80p).

A trial version with all the above features can be tested with twenty launches and without saving login credentials. A free build is also rumoured to be on the way.

Pinboarder has some strong competition with the WindowsPhone Marketplace already containing four other Pinterest-related applications, including the free Pinspiration and Pinsation.

Source: WMPoweruser, WindowsPhone

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