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Sony +U Android App Gives Boost To Charities

Sony is doing its bit for charity, helping volunteers to connect with good causes via a new Android app.

Sony +U is the final product given birth to by Sony's Open Planet Ideas crowdsourcing platform, which threw down the gauntlet to the public in terms of considering new ways to use technology for the betterment of everyone.

The app hooks up with, a vast database of volunteer opportunities, to provide a wide range of charitable tasks which don't take much time to achieve. So called micro-volunteering aims to let busy people still contribute towards charities in small and swift ways, yet all those little contributions soon add up.

Sony developed +U in conjunction with YouthNet, which runs the Do-it database, but the application code is open source, so other charities across Europe will be able to deploy it for their volunteering needs.

Magdalena Wasowska, General Manager of Technology and Software Centre at Sony, said: "The Open Planet Ideas platform provided members of the online community with direct access to Sony and other partners including WWF and IDEO experts. This exciting approach to collaboration meant that a really diverse group of people were able to innovate together to address key social and environmental challenges."

"We hope that the +U application will be of interest to the many hard working volunteering groups across Europe; we hope that they are able to utilise this back-end solution to create further awareness, support and action for their worthwhile causes."

Emma Thomas, CEO of YouthNet, added: "For those who might be new to volunteering, being able to try short-term or one-off opportunities can be the first step in to undertaking more regular volunteering activity which ultimately benefits local communities."