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The New iPad Isn’t Faster at Browsing Than iPad 2

According to Futuremark, the company behind Peacekeeper (the universal browser tests provider), the third generation iPad does not provide a speedier browsing experience as compared to its predecessor.

The new iPad comes with quad core graphics and a fresh new processor, the A5X. While the graphics are said to be amazing on the new device, not much has been said so far about the browsing power of the new iPad. And here's when Peacekeeper comes in handy. "The new iPad achieves the same score as the iPad 2 in our Peacekeeper browser benchmark suggesting the CPU performance of the two devices is near identical," explains the Futuremark in its latest press release.

Detailing a little further, we find out that the device with the best browser performance, which is highly linked to the CPU power, is the Acer Iconia W500 (Windows 8) with 405 Peacekeeper points.

Next in line is the new iPad with 384 points, and closing in with third position is the second-generation iPad with 383 points. The original iPad, whilst not ranking as high as the rest of its competitors, scores 234 points, earning a respectable ranking of eighth place.

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