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Tripbirds Makes Its Public Beta Debut

Social media travel site Tripbirds was officially launched in public beta mode today, allowing users to search out their friends' social networking activity according to destination as well as organise trips based on referrals made by friends.

The site works not by word-of-mouth, but by sorting through existing geotagged content from users with Facebook, Foursquare and Instagram profiles, stated The Next Web.

"The whole idea is to build it on as many sources as possible," explained Tripbirds CEO Ted Valentin. "Most geotagged social media apps are about what is happening here and right now and in that app, but we want to take all that data and put it in one place."

Tripbirds displays which of your connections have visited your desired locations, and makes researching background information on your destination just that bit easier. Say you want to visit San Francisco, search out which friends have posted to Facebook, Foursquare or Instagram based in that city and you can message them for advice.

With many other sites joining the social travel recommendation wave, Tripbirds hopes to beat the likes of Gogobot and Trippy to become top spot in the social media league.

"I sort of feel that the web is going through a social transformation," Valentin said regarding the interest in social travel recommendations. "Increasingly people want to get, instead of random information from people they don't know, recommendations from people who they trust."

Image credit: The Start Up Store