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Windows Phone 7.5 Tango Increases App Multitasking Limit To Eight

Microsoft has yet to announce the official changelog for Windows Phone 7.5 Tango but some XDA members report the update to enhance multitasking possibilities.

Hours before it is officially unveiled in Beijing, an unfinished build has already been leaked and users we able install the update on mobile handsets like the HTC HD2 and Samsung Omnia 7.

Tango is said to increase the limit of Windows Phone App multitasking from five to eight. This means you can now switch between eight different applications, all opened in the background, using the task switching feature (holding the back key).

Surprisingly, the information comes from this leaked build and not from the official version found on the just-released HTC Triumph, in China.

Tango is said to bring enhanced MMS functionality, additional SIM management options, advanced roaming settings and location-related privacy alerts. The last one will be implemented as a pop-up icon near the battery indicator, appearing whenever location information is being broadcasted.

Support for low-end smartphones has also been promised with Tango by limiting resource-hungry services.

A screenshot proving enhanced multitasking functionality on XDA shows that existing handsets should cope nicely with the new feature, only 122MB being used with eight applications opened simultaneously.

Other new features discovered by XDA members include map orientation with the current direction, MMS delivery status and the possibility of handling multiple attachments inside a single MMS message.

Source: XDA