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Windows Phone Gets Bing Dictionary app For Chinese Users

Microsoft is targeting the Chinese audience once again with the new Bing Dictionary application for Windows Phone users, which comes set by default on the Chinese interface.

Although ideal for English to Chinese use (or vice versa), setting the software to "online dictionary" enables an English-friendly UI and related translations.

The Bing Dictionary supports local and online dictionary look up, the first one integrating over 100,000 of the most frequently used English and Chinese words.

When switching on the online version, a "Machine Translation" tool is activated allowing the user to translate long sentences between Chinese and English; a practical process although far from perfect.

Creative Smart Index is another useful feature that matches incomplete words with suggestions, whereas Click-to-Lookup cuts the search process to just two clicks: one for selecting the term and the other for initiating the search sequence.

The application includes a Search history feature, which saves recent queries, and Search Suggestion which eliminates spelling errors while showing word suggestions when typing.

Voice is also a part of the Bing Dictionary, but this option only works with the online mode. The application occupies 5MB of storage space, is free of charge and compatible only with Windows Phone 7.5 or higher versions. You can download it from the link below.