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Word 15 To Bring PDF compatibility, Read Mode & Tracking Features

As with any other Office 15 product, Microsoft has redesigned Word to prepare it for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Paul Thurrott from Windows IT Pro magazine came across an unfinished build and highlighted some of the more interesting features of the future version.

Microsoft Word in Windows 8 will be viewed as a full-scale reading tool, optimised for tablet usage and content consuming. Unlike previous versions, Word 15 will automatically open documents in a columnar view that can be browsed using a left-to-right scroll bar, situated at the bottom of the screen.

Another interesting feature is the Resume Reading, which lets user set bookmarks on each type of document and resume reading right where they left off. Moreover, sections of the text can be enlarged or contracted, allowing the reader to focus on some areas.

Online presentations have also been introduced in Word 15 making a document shareable over the web, even with those that don't have the program installed.

This feature should work great with the Track Changes option, which highlights any additions made by authors and also uses password for protections, so only those authorised could delete without leaving traces.

Other notable changes include a new Design tab seen in the Ribbon menu and a redesigned Navigation panel which divides the document into chapters. Of interest is the fact that Word can now open PDF files eliminating the need for extra PDF readers.

Source: WinSuperSite